Arase holds security summit in Owan following OYC’s letter to Tinubu, IGP

Dr. Solomon Arase, chairman of the Police Service Commission, last week participated in a security summit held in Owan region of Edo State consequent upon a letter Owan Youth Council, a local youth group, wrote to President Tinubu, Dr. Arase, and the Inspector General of Police, asking them to complement the Edo State Government towards addressing the deteriorating security situation in the area.

Felix Esezobor, the principal lead of the Owan Youth Council, conveyed his promising expectations regarding the outcome of his communiqué in a conversation with the media in Benin City.

The OYC aspires to witness significant improvement by addressing their concerns, especially as Dr. Arase was involved in security consultations in Owan land, providing a beacon of hope.

With safety and security being fundamental human rights, Esezobor emphasized the necessity for the government to pay heed to these rights, which are clearly laid out in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Esezobor says, “We can’t venture onto our farms these days due to security concerns.”

The Owan Security Summit, was chaired by former Inspector General of Police, Dr. Solomon Arase, and took place at the Minister Event Centre in Sabongidda Ora, Owan West, Edo State.

Participants included not only the chairman of the Police Service Commission and the Chairman of Owan West Local Government Area but also military officials, media agents, representatives from the Department of State Security and other stakeholders, displaying holistic representation.

Bearing the responsibility of maintaining security in the region, Arase assured support for local hunters and vigilantes and encouraged local government heads to compensate these volunteers, thereby incentivising them.

Nigerian Observer – 14/04/2024

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