Names & Meanings

There are many wonderful names people from Owan have answered over the centuries.  Our names tell more about our culture, traditions and values.  Here are a few of them:

1.  Abolagba: A big welcome

2. Adavbokhai: I have added to my achievements

3. Adoga: This person will be celebrated

4. Afengen: I am stabilized in my hometown and among my people

5. Agbonlua: The world is deep and not superficial

6. Ahifoviaen: There will continue to increase in this family. It will never come to an end (multiplication)

7. Aidenagbon: I will not fall for my detractor’s benefit

8. Aigboje: (God or A king can never be extinguished or killed. His reign continuous for ever

9. Aigbolosunmuan: You don’t kill your benefactor

10. Aigbovbiose: You cannot kill a person that has divine destiny

11. Aigbuduokhai: You cannot threaten the brave

12. Aikpokpo: I will not be perturbed

13. Aileloreun: You don’t run away from your peers

14. Airekpintan: It will be a story, or it will end in praise

15. Airende: Nobody knows Gods timing in the events of our lives

16. Airennonsumuan: No one knows where deliverance will come from

17. Airenologbuan: (Aire for short): You do not know the evil intention of your enemy or you never know who is scheming evil for you

18. Aiwuagbonye: No matter how wealthy you are, you will carry nothing to the world beyond

19. Akhigbemen: I will not be destroyed or killed

20. Akpanhomo: Collective prosperity

21. Akugbe: We are together collectively

22. Alegbe: (Ale-egbe): Men are not created equal.

23. Amilegbe (Ami-leegbe): We are supernaturally more intuitive than each other

24. Atale: I have said my mind

25. Ebahi: Destiny

26. Ebahume (or Ebaume): See what has been done to me

27. Eboigbe: My people, community, kindred or family is my fortress

28. Edeki: A name given to child born on market day

29. Eguakhide: Our family will never be vanquished

30. Ehimika: We will continue multiply from generation to generation in this family

31. Ekhayo: A new wife

32. Emiokhoin: War instrument

33. Enahoro: The desired

34. Eragbai: The greatness of a good father

35. Erumuste: Our prayers are answered

36. Evbotokhai: Never undermine the contribution of the one who has lifted the community up

37. gen: I am confident

38. Idaho-oise: I am listening to god for direction or I am waiting on God’s instruction or

39. Igbahioa: I am prosperous in my household, community or family.

40. Igbamosun: As bright as the star

41. Igbavboa; I Am well respected in my community or family

42. Igboba: I did not kill the king

43. Igen: Multiplication

44. Ihonbata: I have listened to people’s views on this issue

45. Ijeme or Akhijeme: They will not laugh at me

Note: There may be slight variations from clan to clan.

Ora West

46. Ikeke: Damsel

47. Ikhazuangbe: I will not allow myself to be killed

48. Ikhide: May I never fall down in front of the world

49. Ikhifa: I won’t be disgraced

50. Ikhilosen: God created me well.

51. Ikhioya: I will not suffer

52. Ikhituawuagbon (Ikhitua for short): I am not in a hurry to live and enjoy my life

53. Ikhuemen: Praise God or thank God

54. Ikhumutse: The medicine has worked from me

55. Ileogben: I have excelled above my contemporaries

56. Ilevare: I surrender to the will of God

57. Imogan: (I have a root i.e. Family Root) Ancestry

58. Imolorhe: I have an affiliation with my colleagues

59. Imona: This is mine

60. ImonKhuede: I have a family,household and clan or I know my root or heritage

61. Imookhomhe: I have people who have my back:

62. Innih: Elephant (Same meaning in Etsako)

63. Ireine: I understand

64. Iriah (or Iria): I have done no harm

65. Iriekpen: The mind of a tiger or leopard

66. Iriemi: I am ready

67. Iruobe/Iwoube: I have not done evil or my hands are clean

68. Isechie: I will call unto my own or I can call unto my own

69. Isemeden: At the appointed time

70. Isokpehi (or Isokpe ehi): I am on the side of posterity

71. Italome: I am telling you all about me

72. Iwereje: Chieftaincy family

73. Izehiuwa: I am here by the will of God

74. Izien: I will overcome this adversity

75. Izuangbe: I am indestructible

76. Jegbefunme: May I be peaceful

77. Oaikhena: My home is my fortress

78. Obaika: God reign is continuous; it will never seize or go dry.

79. Obokhai: The hand of God

80. Obukhoro: you shall be rewarded

81. Odekhian: A solace or refuge for the lowly

82. Ododoh: Rose flower

83. Ogiso: King of the underworld or supernatural

84. Ohatete: Time is a leveler of all wrongs

85. Ohiaga: God deserved to be served or worshipped

86. Ohiaga: I will broadcast my God

87. Ohidevbie: I will never be lonley

88. Ohikhena: I fear no one, but God: God is my fortress

89. Ohikhohkai: God is behind all achievements

90. Ohikhuare: God has elevated me

91. Ohilebu: My God is a multiplier

92. Ohimai: God is the creator

93. Ohiojeameagbon: Somebody that God sent to life

94. Ohiole: God is great

95. Ohiolei; God is the greatest

96. Ohiomoba: God is the king or all kings

97. Ohioze: For God’s sake

98. Ohireme: God’s gift

99. Oiseagah: God is to be worshipped

100. Oisedebamen: God is with me

101. Oisemuzeimen: God stood for me

102. Oiseoamoje: Only God is the true, natural and sustainable part to kingship or greatness

103. Oiseoje: God sent

104. Oiserenua: God giveth or is only God that gives

105. Oiseze: God choses

106. Oiwekhome: I will not be shamed by this event

107. Ojeaga: A king is to be worshiped

108. Ojehomo: Kingship is luxurious

109. Ojeifo: There is no end to my kingship

110. Ojeikhere: My God is not small, or I have a Big God.

111. Okaima: I am not fazed by other people criticism of me

112. Okhiakwemi: We thank God or God is to be thanked

113. Okpaise: I want more in life

114. Oloaigbe: I am beyond human destruction

115. Olohigbe: If God has not deprived me; nobody can

116. Olohije: God sent

117. Olosenigbuan: Doing good does not kill. Instead, it increases and bless you

118. Omoikhodion: Children come first

119. Omoikhoje: Children are one’s greatest assets

120. Omolei: Children are the greatest asset in one’s life

121. Omoleomo: Some children are more special than others

122. Omonua/Omua: Child of wealth

123. Omunuo or Omiunu: God’s Miracle (Simply Miracle)

124. Osuare: One who brings wealth

125. Osunlele: Bright star

126. Ounache: I will call upon my own kin

127. Ovbiagele: Child of a self-assured parent

128. Oviosa: A prince in God’s kingdom

129. Oweleke: Darling

130. Oyakhire: Sorrow will not reign in my household

131. Ozekhome: This shameful event has bypassed me

132. Oziegbe/Iziengbe: Patience

133. Uduomo: An individual with a childlike disposition

134. Uloko; A big strong tree used by carpenters to make durable furniture (Signifies strength, toughness and durability)

135. Usiomo: Choice child in the midst of many

136. Uzebu: you have a lot in your corner.