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Owan Association of Houston
Culture | Friendship | Community
Owan Association of Houston
Culture | Friendship | Community
Owan Association of Houston
Culture | Friendship | Community

Welcome to Owan Association of Houston

Message from the President


Welcome to the website of Owan Association of Houston, Texas, USA. We draw membership from all over Houston area and from all walks of life and professions.  We are great ambassadors of Owan, Edo State and Nigeria.

Though we live in a large and sprawling metro area, we are committed to being within reach of our brothers and sisters, when needed.

We just stick together and have fun, celebrating every wins and victories with one another, no matter how small. Supporting one another even when life happens, and things don’t go very well.

We strive to equip one another to continue to refresh our young ones about our history and prepare them to carry the mantle of our rich cultural heritage even in the diaspora.

We will continue to push until all our Owan brothers and sisters in the Houston Area know about us and become a part of our Association. Together, we will replicate the warmth and friendliness of the typical Owan village here in our great city of Houston.

So, if you are reading this and you live within the larger Houston area, please reach out to us using the contact form or through our social media handles and we will happily contact you and welcome you to your home Association.


Ojehonmon Ojeiduma

Houston, Texas,



Our vision is to recreate the rural Owan-type neighborliness and communal support structure.


Our mission is to bring together Owan People in the Houston area to demonstrate our communal virtue, standing by one another and recreating the neighborliness we enjoyed in our villages.

In shores far from home, we will project our history and preserve our rich cultural heritage for our children. For the home communities that nurtured us we will leverage our exposure, experience and resources to impact lives and set ourselves as a beacon of light to inspire the next generation.





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Our Causes in Owan

We are committed to supporting the education of Owan children

Meetings & Events

August Monthly Meeting
04 Aug - 04 Aug 4:00 pm at His Residence T. Evborokhai
September Monthly Meeting
01 Sep - 01 Sep 4:00 pm at Her Residence C. Obasuyi
October Monthly Meeting
06 Oct - 06 Oct 4:00 pm at Her Residence O.Airemen
November Monthly Meeting
03 Nov - 03 Nov 4:00 pm at Her Residence B. Agbebaku
December Monthly Meeting
01 Dec - 01 Dec 4:00 pm at Nill Nill

To promote the social, cultural, educational, civic and general wellbeing of her members in particular, and OWAN indigenes of Edo State, as well as Edo people at large.

First Pillar

To seek better ways of achieving progress and improvement of the welfare of members of Owan Local Government Areas of Edo state in the Houston area and in Edo State.

Second Pillar

To encourage integrity, fairness and responsibility in all endeavors, including service to the Association, the members and external entities.

Third Pillar

To organize from time to time social and cultural activities in accordance with rules and regulations of the state of Texas as well as the United States of America.

Fourth Pillar

To enable Owan indigenes resident in Houston and surrounding cities to contribute towards the continued development of our beloved towns within the Owan Local Government Areas of Edo State, Nigeria.

Fifth Pillar

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Meet Our


Within Houston, Texas, USA

Donald Ojeikere

Welfare Officer

Our Values

Respect – As Owan people, we are brought up to respect our elders. As part of projecting our culture to the next generation, we must reflect our respect for one another and for our elders in all our activities and engagements.

Integrity – In everything we do, we must reflect transparency and focus on doing the right thing at the right time and what is best for our stakeholders no matter what.

Progress – We shall always strive to make sure we improve with every step we take. To achieve this, our performance shall be viewed against our set objectives which shall be measurable and visible to all of us.

Service – We shall do our best towards making Owan better. This can be through services to Owan people in the diaspora and at home in any way we can and no matter how small.


We support one another and our communities.


We stick together to win.