Owan Greetings

Greeting is part of our culture.  Owan’s greetings have been acknowledged to be one of the most civil, personal and friendly.

Hi Ogbei Ogbe 
Hello/Goodday Ese E se 
Good morning Edio (masculine) Edio 
Good morning Laoba (feminine) La oba 
Welcome Obo-khian (oboshan) Obokhian 
Bye Koh-koh Ko-ko 
My Father era-me Erha men 
My Mother iyon-me Iyon me 
My friend omo-me Omon men 
Brother/Sister  Omion Omion 
Why Bo-seih Bo zei 
How much eka-ni Eka ni 
Thanks Uzo-kan Uzokan 
Where are you going Su-lo-de Su lo de 
I’m coming Iva-dey I va de 
See you soon Osekien Ose kien 


Note: There may be slight variations from clan to clan.