Traditional Marriage

Marriages in Owan are usually preceded by Traditional Marriage Lists.  This is the list given to the intending groom looking to marry a woman from Owan . Everything on the list is to be purchased and presented at the traditional wedding ceremony (this is to be fixed and agreed on before list is given). The content of the list varies based on the family head; the standard however are;

  1. Bride’s dowry(Depends on the head of the family)
  2. Suitcase of clothes
  3. An umbrella
  4. A Small basin of egusi seeds
  5. Twenty-one tubers of yam
  6. One smoked/dried antelope
  7. Twenty-one kola-nuts(double lobed)
  8. One large dried fish
  9. Twenty-one pieces of bitter kola
  10. A keg of palmwine

11.  Twenty-one pieces of alligator pepper

12. Two bottles of schnapps

13.  Two bottles of dry gin

14.  Two kegs of palm oil(25 litres)

15.  Two bags of salt

16.  One she-goat

17.  A bottle of honey

18.  A packet of sugar

19.  Two cartons of beer

20.  Two cartons of malt drink

21.  Two crates each of 3 different soda drinksi.e

22.  Cola, Pepsi, Fanta, Mirinda, Sprite etc

*Idegbe  500 Naira 

*Igele  500 Naira 

*Erahoin  1,000 Naira 

*Iyanhoin  500 Naira

  • Amount can vary depending on the family

(Source Wikipedia)