Letters & Alphabets

For now, following a close study of letters essential for word formation in Owan language, this writer identifies and recommends the following as Owan alphabet.

¡. Simple plain Owan Vowels (V)a e é i o o u.

¡¡. Nasalized Vowels (Nv) an en in on un as Owan is a greatly nasalized language.

¡¡¡. Consonants (C), b d f g h j k l m n p r s t v w y z, and

¡v. Digraphs (D) (not double but two consonants) gb gh kh kp nw ny rl ch vb

Within Owan orthography, identified significant alphabet for Owan language is thus thirty-nine this set conforms to Kay Williamson’s relay (Practical Orthography in Nigeria, p. 9) viz “Bamgbose says that a good orthography should have only one symbol for each significant sound”.


Note: There may be slight variations from clan to clan.

From the above, an old style straight set of Ora alphabet for recitation or reading is readily a b d e e f g gb h I j k l m n o o p r s t u v w y z. Ora has no consonant /c/ in isolation but used with /h/ to form ch, other combinations or digraphs /gw/, /kw/. and /rh/ are removed; nw and ny are distinguished from consonants /w/ and /y/ while /ri/ as the trill is introduced in view of the great frequency of it ni Ora words, many of which are glottal.